So, spoiler alert…I’m not actually¬†a zombie, even though that would be much more exciting. I’m about as close as they come though. I am a wife and a mother to three girls. I have a six year old who insists that I’m present at all school events, a two year old, and a six month old. I hear the phrase “you sure do have your hands full” at least once a week and this is from random strangers who don’t know that being a mom isn’t my only job.

I work nights full time as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. When my shift is up at the hospital, I rush home to make lunches and get my oldest to school. I then return home to a Trolls obsessed two year old and a very smiley baby who rarely naps. I have actually googled (more times than I’m willing to admit) how long someone can survive without sleep. Sleep is a luxury that I am often not privileged to. I do get alot of time with my kids while still being able to work, so I am very thankful for that.

For four years, I was a photographer full time and making my own schedule helped put me through school. I enjoy photography as a hobby now and still take photos quite frequently on the side. I will blog about life as a mom, juggling work and family, photography, breastfeeding, baby wearing, marriage, and the occasional book review.